Vuka Kleva

Vuka Kleva is a reality tv show produced by Aviwe BDS for SABC 1 . The show is a 12 part x 24 minute docu- reality series where 12 troublesome teens that consist of 6 boys and 6 girls aged between 15 – 18 years are put in the Vuka Kleva Centre for 12 days under the supervision of the Housemistress, her two guardians and the Vuka Kleva councellor.


During these 12 days the teenagers are put on a journey of self-recovery and discovery where they are taken through a series of activities, chores, interactions and consultations with experts which enable them to understand their current reality so that they can make the decision to change. In each episode, the participating teens will execute task given to them by the Housemistress, each task is a stepping stone towards them becoming better people and making positive changes in their lives.


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