About Kulcha Kwest

Kulcha Kwest is a 26 episode docu-reality show that takes young South Africans on a cultural and traditional journey. The show provides young people age 18 – 35 years who have a cultural issue with an opportunity to find a resolution through engaging their culture and traditions. The journey allows the case study to also connect and learn more about his/her heritage. Through the show, the viewers are able to connect with different cultures and traditions and also receive lifelong lessons.


The show is about the emotional stories of our case studies as they undertake their personal journey towards their culture quest.


The cultural journey taken by the case study will encourage young people to:


  • Experience the culture
  • Understand the culture
  • Engage and participate with the culture
  • Infuse the culture into their modern lifestyle

The show informs viewers with knowledge about the different South African cultures, traditions and its practices thereof, as well as the significance of preserving our culture as South Africans.


Objectives of the show:


  • Showcase different South African cultural practices and traditions
  • Encourage the youth to participate in their culture
  • Promote understanding of different cultures and their dynamics
  • Share cultural knowledge with the viewers and case study
  • Preservation of culture amongst South Africans

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